Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Parade of Depression

Hey Guys!

I'm so excited about February, that . . .

I found this great article on dating in my hotmail:

And I started my own blog! And I linked it in the sidebar!

And I made my very own web page!

Happy African-American Month!!!!!!


Friday, January 27, 2006

Shift & Switch Launch Party

Shift & Switch is an anthology of contemporary Canadian poetry that represents work from some of the country’s more formally-inventive practitioners. A local launch party for the book begins with a panel discussion to contextualize the anthology against a backdrop of Canadian poetry and continues with readings from Geoffrey Hlibchuk, Trevor Speller, Gregory Betts, Mark Truscott, Rob Read and Angela Rawlings (pictured). This is exciting stuff, folks. Buffalo connections abound—panel members for the discussion include UB graduate students, and readers Hlibchuk and Speller are both pursuing PhDs at UB. The other readers also come with an impressive pedigree: Angela Rawlings (one of the anthology’s co-editors) received the bpNichol Award from York University and will pubish her first full-length book through Coach House Books later this year. Also with a Coach House Books edition, Mark Truscott was short-listed for a ReLit Award for his Said Like Reeds or Things. Both Rob Read (who reads as part of Just Buffalo’s Orbital series in February) and Gregory Betts have had books published by BookThug (Read uses spam e-mail as the basis of his poems, see review in Artvoice v5n1, while Betts uses anagrams).

Friday, January 27 at 7pm. Rust Belt Books, 202 Allen St. (885-9535).

Saturday, January 21, 2006

count down

Just to let you all know, I still have one or two spots open for Drill 7. If you'd like to get some work in please send it along before Jan. 31. I'll be doing the layout immediately after that, then getting it right into your hands.


Monday, January 16, 2006


for those of you doing intergenre w/text and sound (scoring), this is a good magazine to send your work to.i've had work in it; he's a careful editor, he's not going to fuck up your lovely visual poetry piece if you give it to him. js

January 2006

poems by
paul foster johnson / minamikawa yuko - trans. sawako nakayasu /
laura elrick / melizza buzzeo / roberto harrison / jonathan skinner /
alistair noon / steven zultanski

music or performance scores by
pierre thoma / jeremy woodruff / istvan zelenka

covers by Leonie Weber and Jesse Seldess

Payable to Jesse Seldess / 1321Woodland Lane / Riverwoods / IL / 60015
E-mail: j_seldess@hotmail.com
North American subscriptions outside the US, please add $3.
Other out-of-country subscriptions, please add $5.

Also, Antennae 7 is still available at $4 per copy.
Contents listed below.

May 2005

cover stamp and drawings/text by
mark booth

poems by
bill marsh / president of the united hearts / ray bianchi /
brenda iijima/ james wagner / kiki anderson / rob halpern /
robert lax & john beer / daniel borzutsky / kari edwards /
dan machlin / matt turner

a play by
kara feely

music scores by
jennifer walshe / michael pisaro

Monday, January 09, 2006

Another call from Mr. Katko

From:    Matt Henriksen
Subject: Cannibal

An aesthetic definition cannot define the hunger.

A new print magazine, Cannibal, seeks work for a first
issue, due out in April. Small run, handmade, and New
York City based, Cannibal wants ferocious poems,
literary essays, and criticism that survive by their
own instincts. We hope to have a fine collection of
poets known, little known, and unknown, all exhibiting
the kind of work that makes us hungrier for more.

Send poems, prose, or queries in a MS Word attachment
or inline text to flesheatingpoems@yahoo.com.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

friday's readin'

okay, i was ill (101.9 degress of illness) and my wife was getting surgery the next day
the reading was good and fast
i really didn't think it was going to be fast
i liked speed
(i was a futurist last year)

aaron read first and i'm really getting comfortable with his autobiography. familiarity. a blurring of identity at this point. my mom spent a fortune on sousaphone lessons.
he also read a poem by eden which i'd love to get my hands on and really give it a go.

robin bronx popped in with two quickies, one about ice hockey (fastest game) one on thighs (premature ejaculation)

chris fritton was named the 'prop poet' but baker did not give him props. 'therefore?' tarwin kept repeating. oh, he didn't like it. chris is more a creative lecturer than a poet-eee-poet, and i'll give him a slot whenever.

tarwin banged out a few poems, i really like one, but i was sweating so i don't remember. he also said, to kick it off, 'i'm going to slow it down a notch' which was greeted with giggles, chuckles and--perhaps--a guffaw.

believe at this point (tho i may have switched chris and tarwin) a brake was taken.

luke daly read after halftime and it was his first reading (out loud) and you really wouldn't have noticed. he had a wonderful posture at one point, hand on his hip, like 'here, bitches, have some poems.'

i really don't focus on subject matter.

barrett read next, and he continues to be a crowd favorite (tho i think he stacked the deck with a few ringers) and read well, like larry king. and, while i don't think it is a goal, something about his reading(s) remind me of listening to pavement.

eric was forgotten when aaron stood up and said 'thanks for coming everybody' but that was quickly fixed when eric stood up and read. speaking of ringers, he set up a line with eden (buffalo first woman of letters) and all in all it was a good time. he read a poem that is an oldie, that i remember from living in buffalo, where eric's a mexican wrestler. hoo-ray ole.

maybe i missed somebody, but i hope not. and for you, jessica, as you mentioned it recently but in a different context, i think it is interesting that there are so many dudes in buffalo reading poems, when my experience in other cities is that it is much more equal.

Monday, January 02, 2006

SPELL: Issue 1

As you may or may not know, there will soon be a new magazine on the scene called SPELL. The focus of this magazine is on experimental and emerging work, in all mediums two-dimensional. That means artwork, poetry, prose, polemics, etc. I want SPELL to be a place for artists and writers to let down their hair and challenge themselves. I know that the word 'experimental' is problematic in many ways, but it seems to be the best description I've found. So I hope that that word doesn't turn you off. The magazine will be cheaply made yet sturdy, in an edition of 50.

This is a call for submissions to SPELL. The deadline I have set is February 20th, with a March release to follow. Please send your submissions to: eric.unger@gmail.com

Eric Unger

The Reading

Anyone want to let us know how the reading went on Friday? Eric Unger and I are still pretty disappointed that we didn't get to make it. MS