Monday, April 16, 2007

Flim Forum Press Anthology #2

Call for Submissions

Flim Forum Press now seeks submissions for a second
anthology, reading period May 1 - June 30. Flim Forum
Press is "interested in poetry that postulates then
questions the idea of the poem as experiment, poetry
that builds and develops (forms) original
logics/grammars, poetry that dissolves to redefine the
lines between sense and nonsense, process and product,
sight, sound, and semantic." Flim has a particular
zeal for serial work. Authors are encouraged to be
familiar w/ Oh One Arrow (book #1) before submitting.

Send 10-20 pages of work w/ SASE to:

Matthew Klane
Flim Forum Press
PO Box 549
Slingerlands, NY 12159

or to query:

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Electric City, Front Park, Arrow

For the small press book fair that took place in Buffalo a few weeks ago, some of us made little books specially for the event. Made in a run of 50, Lowinger's poems in Front Park sprawl across the landscape of Buffalo's lake front. One of the disappointments for me was that I didn't get to hear Aaron read from this book on Friday - he choosing to sing a Leadbelly inspired tune instead. Here's a taste from that book:

Milk bottle
admiral's walk
radio towers
channel 7 eyewitness
small promontories
pointing up and blinking
lake pours into river
mouth wide open
[12:44 am]
lower terrace lamprey
streetlights cut on
got teeth for fingers

Another book in a run of 50, mine and Luke Daly's By the Weight of an Arrow, which is made up of a poem I wrote in response to some of Luke's visual work, and collages Luke made in response to the poem.

I was greatly impressed with the series of readings that took place on Friday and Saturday, but the one that stood out the most for me was Tawrin Baker's reading. When Tawrin reads I always feel like I'm being led to a very strange place. And when Aaron reads, I feel like I'm getting hit with a bath of NyQuil and Kerosene. Anyone up for doing a House Press CD?