Monday, January 16, 2006


for those of you doing intergenre w/text and sound (scoring), this is a good magazine to send your work to.i've had work in it; he's a careful editor, he's not going to fuck up your lovely visual poetry piece if you give it to him. js

January 2006

poems by
paul foster johnson / minamikawa yuko - trans. sawako nakayasu /
laura elrick / melizza buzzeo / roberto harrison / jonathan skinner /
alistair noon / steven zultanski

music or performance scores by
pierre thoma / jeremy woodruff / istvan zelenka

covers by Leonie Weber and Jesse Seldess

Payable to Jesse Seldess / 1321Woodland Lane / Riverwoods / IL / 60015
North American subscriptions outside the US, please add $3.
Other out-of-country subscriptions, please add $5.

Also, Antennae 7 is still available at $4 per copy.
Contents listed below.

May 2005

cover stamp and drawings/text by
mark booth

poems by
bill marsh / president of the united hearts / ray bianchi /
brenda iijima/ james wagner / kiki anderson / rob halpern /
robert lax & john beer / daniel borzutsky / kari edwards /
dan machlin / matt turner

a play by
kara feely

music scores by
jennifer walshe / michael pisaro


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