Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mail Art Show looking for Poem-Makers +++++

Call for Work

Call for Work - Calling all Artists

The making of mail as art, “mail art” has a history stretching back at least to the 1950s. Mail art has in the past rooted in a rejection of the commerce and exclusivity of the gallery show. The making of mail art, “mail-art” continues to be a common practice in an age dominated by electronic communication. This exhibition will continue to break down the division between the mailbox and the gallery. To that end, Niagara County Community College Art Gallery is seeking submissions for an upcoming exhibition, aiming to display the myriad manifestations of mail art. Artists working in all media are encouraged to participate. The topic and content of each piece is solely the choice of the artist. Artists are asked to produce one piece of mail art and send it to guest curator Becky Moda. Your work will be displayed in a cataloged group exhibition in the Spring. After the exhibition closes, each participating artist will receive via mail the work of another artist. “Senders receive,” as mail artists say.

The mail art movement is uniquely populist and non-commercial, involving non-traditional distribution methods and the potential for global reach. Let's breathe new life into this fascinating movement, which predated and in some ways predicted the artist networking boom enabled by the internet.

It is asked that the artists adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Please send one piece of mail art to: Mail Art, NCCC Gallery, Niagara County Community College, 3111 Saunders Settlement Road, Sanborn, New York 14132-9460 by February 14, 2008.

2. The mail art can take any shape, in two or three dimensions. Pieces can expand when opened, but must be easily re-mailed for less than five dollars.

Email any questions to

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Scott Puccio Screening

This Sunday at 7 p.m., Scott Puccio will be showing work at Betty's Restaurant, including The Film of a Thousand Nights and a Night, which showed at the Views of the Avant-Garde in the New York Film Festival. Poet Matthew Klane will also be on hand to read. The event is free, and heartily recommended.

Betty's Restaurant
370 Virginia St.
(in Allentown, west of Elmwood Ave.)

This is the last screening Puccio will have before he relocates to Portland. Everyone is welcome!