Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Call for work

The Happy Generations is reading work for Issue 2. Snappy prose on subjects of general interest, please. Deadline is August 1.

"Reporting" is especially encouraged. Jazzed-up or meditative journalism, gonzo, investigative poetics, psychic reporting, mneumonic journalism, mini memoir, criticism (of sex, drugs, rock and roll . . .), essays on subjects that matter, or anything along those lines -- however eccentric -- as long as the prose is snappy.

Please email submissions to Thanks.

We also need artwork.

And subscribe if you haven't already for god's sake. I'm going to have to raise the price kinda soon, but for now a year's subscription (6 issues) can still be had for $2-$4, sliding scale. Two to four fucking dollars. Look below and hit the paypal button. Jesus fucking christ.