Friday, December 02, 2005

Thanks to Scott Puccio

At first, as I mentioned to him (he didn't look too excited about it), Films About Buffalo reminded me of a scene in Man with the Movie Camera. The cameraman takes his eyes off the viewfinder, and a rush of images flows to his eyes. Reality poses a rush of possibilities, and the camera can choose to stabilize it, focus on the objectivity of the image, or dismantle it and seek truth in the most essential element of film- montage. Vertov, like any other great filmmaker showed both, yet his affinity, like Scott, lies with the latter.
A vicious rush of images of Buffalo. Friends, Wegmanns, the Park, rooms, light. Introduced on a map, it's various 'cultural' elements (Might Taco anyone?).
Perhaps it was my eyes. Perhaps Scott superimposed the film. Yet after a while, I felt as if the shapes on one frame were on the next, never ending. What we saw before was affecting the next, not in a classical montage way, but completely physically invading the image.
The past is not something we leave behind, but something that lives in the present, in shades, shapes, barely distinguishable from what it might be, a brief memory.
Thanks Scott, I can't wait to see more in the next Electric City.


p.s. Again, it might have been my eyes, my mind, but in Polyphemus, the white light spot on the eyeball, that cosmetic affect indicating life, a soul, seemed to be going in a certain fluid motion, perhaps even in circles. After a while, I was only watching those. Hopefully Scott can clarify if I'm misinterpreting.


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For all those not familiar with the films of Scott Puccio, some of them were shown at the Electic City Spectacular a few weeks ago - Now. 19th. He's a film maker living in Toronto, and a native of Buffalo.


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