Thursday, December 01, 2005

How To Write A Poem

Here's how to write a poem in 8 simple steps. This is a simple method that you can try for yourself in the comfort of your home:

1. Read the newspaper, it is full of words. Disregard most of the proper nouns.

2. Steal some of the best words by copying them into a notebook. Since no one will know, just steal whole phrases and sentences too. This will get you started.

3. Now you are ready for the real kicker: what the poem is. You must take into account the weather, the state of your mind, the state of the world, and everything and anything that has gotten you to where you are. Try not to be overwhelmed. This is hard, but give it your best shot.

4. Now it is advised that you go to your fuse box and turn off all of the electricity in your house. Turn off the heat too, and your cell phone.

5. Just sit there until you really can't stand to anymore. When you reach this point, turn everything back on, and stare at a white piece of paper. It will seem really white at first, but your eyes will adjust.

6. Now open your notebook and pick out some of the words and phrases you copied down earlier to write onto your sheet of paper.

7. Channel what you thought earlier about everything and anything in the world, and just write. Form will follow, and so will content, should there be any.

8. Edit. You can achieve this by crossing out things that don't seem to work. You may also want to add things. Repeat this step until your poem thinks that it is done. It will know better than you could ever hope to.



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