Thursday, December 01, 2005

A thought, links to the edges of the internet.

Though unfamiliar with Collins, this segment I read in Eric Unger's review is quite enough.
I wonder how you are going to feel
when you find out
that I wrote this instead of you.
An invitation to laziness. Isn't it enough that people walk around, summarizing their moments as 'just like a movie'? Now the people are asked to disregard those moments ranting, not quite finding that wonderful consice sentence, pages where they were looking for something, so Billy Boy can tell us?
Gelsinger said it right- slavery.
Enough of that guy.
A more amusing time stealer: a few links.
(click on the video on the right.)
and finally
an interesting canonical website, but the real joy are the four links
on the topright to individual sites for Dreyer, Bresson, Ozu and
Tarkovsky. Especially the Tarkovsky one has an incredible amount
of materials on and with the master. This grouping together of
these four directors is a reminder that we live in sad times:
A superficial bringing together of four artists who's only commonality
is that they're not Hollywood and use a long take or two. A
continued interest in using words like 'sprituality', 'transcendental'
to avoid further inquiry.As if we have the luxury to abandon our work
and concentration to the will of a sun god.


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