Saturday, March 11, 2006

Spell magazine's first issue will be released next week! I am excited about the quality and diversity of work I received. There are 75 copies, printed on linen and staple bound. Each issue is unique: Luke Daly made a sticker for each one, as part of his larger stickering/street art project here in Chicago (thanks Luke). The roster for this inaugural issue is: Christopher Rizzo, Michael Koshkin, rob mclennan, Scott Shanley, John Sakkis, jUStin!katKO, Dave Aylward, Luke Daly, Michael Slosek, and Francis Raven. I will start sending out copies to contributors as soon as I get my next paycheck next week. Anyone who would like a copy, please send correspondence and postal address to Also, Michael Slosek, Luke Daly, and I will be reading at Danny's in early April here in Chicago. The reading will correspond to the release of both Drill and Spell magazines.



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