Monday, March 06, 2006

call for work, from Mr. Katko

call for h u n d r e d s

a new occasional magazine produced and circulated through assemblage

this call is made by cris cheek and WIlliam Howe

what to send:

1 sheet of double-sided 8.5 x 11 inches (think of that double-
sidedness as part of your piece)

pls send 300 copies of that double-sided piece

any colored pages are welcome

DEADLINE: Monday 10th of April (this is absolutely the last day)

h u n d r e d s will be collated and bound in a card cover before
being distributed

LAUNCH DATE: Saturday 15th April (as part of 'post moot' more info to
follow momentarily)

each contributor will receive one copy of h u n d r e d s


c/o cris cheek - 101 Oberlin CT. Oxford. Ohio 45056 USA

c/o William Howe - 4724 Bonham Road

h u n d r e d s - as in a measure of land, and there will be three
hundred of them and . . .


Blogger John Sakkis said...

this sounds really interesting but expensive...i might try and save my allowance to copy then send 300 pages through the there an acceptance/ rejection policy, or is everything sent accepted?

8:14 PM  
Blogger Tawrin said...

If I'm spending the $ to send out 300 pages of something, then the copy I get should be like 300 pages long. Otherwise it's a losing proposition -- tho in that like poetry as a whole, really.

I might just try to save my money by sending you out 300 of the cheapest, lightest blank pages I can find. Will you accept that?

10:20 PM  
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