Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Spell: issue 4

House Press is excited to announce the release of the dynamic new issue of Spell magazine. Consisting of equal parts textual and visual poetry, this issue brings together contributors who provide unique perspectives of ways forward.


Alan May / Tom Wegrzynowski
Michael Slosek
Andrew Hughes
Nico Vassilakis
Sarah Menefee
Jessica Wickens
Jesse Ferguson
Kevin Mcpherson Eckhoff
Aaron Lowinger
Catherine Daly
Michael Carr
cover art: Scott Shanley

A poem by Michael Slosek from the issue:

From Kafka to Kleist
for aa

To a body, unaccomplished in sleep
a wreath is held
"To the best of their house"

brought back to the slaughter's art:

"This city, owned by a glove
of chosen hands, larger each pull apart.
1911 - a spider crawls over your eyes.
I waif in the strength to die."

So sparing us -
the cold breathing.
The weight climbing around a denser world

as obstacles to an inner orbit.
An amulet with arms around itself.

Spell is available for trade or a five dollar check only. Items for trade / checks may be sent to:

c/o Eric Unger
3540 N. Lowell Ave.
Apt. 1L
Chicago, IL 60641


Blogger Gelsinger said...

Oh please be my paypal!

The thought of remembering to find a checkbook, finding it (it's somewhere in the mess, I know) writing out a check, finding an envelope somewhere (where does one even find envelopes in this city?) address it (having to re-consult this webpage for the address) go to the post office, buy stamps, post it - at this time of year, under the depression of a never-ending winter, when the thought of even opening the fridge is too much - better to sit hungry staring at the wall (not to mention there's nothing in the fridge anyway because the idea of going to the supermarket is impossible) is simply too much good sir! Too much!

Please, please be my paypal!

p.s. Good Poem!

12:04 PM  

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