Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cedar Sigo's Expensive Magic

House Press is thrilled to make available Cedar Sigo’s Expensive Magic. With precision and elegance, these poems carry the reader through Astoria, the slums of Paris, through London, Abyssinia, and Tangiers. As poetry at times both terse and lush, the poems create a strange world threatening to spill into violence, but holding fast to those people the poet loves. Cedar is an exceptional talent, and we’re happy to have him in our company.

This is the first book in the House Press Bay Area poetry series. A reading will be held in January in San Francisco to celebrate the book. For more information about the series, please write to Michael Slosek at mslosek at fulbrightweb dot org.

Expensive Magic may be bought here for $6, which includes shipping, or by check.


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How about posting some poems?

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