Monday, September 10, 2007

Dear World, this is Scott Puccio

The heart behind the heart of the 2007 Electric City Spectacular poster belongs to Scott Puccio: darling of Buffalo, the apron wearing, special lighter making Italian wonder, the Filmmaker.

The Film of the Thousand Nights and a Night�, which was screened in somewhat prototype form at the Spectacular, will be shown in the New York Film Festival this October.

Very fitting for one who has worked so hard to make an imprint of the hand on his work, so you can quite viscerally feel the Filmmaker's process: watch the beating of the heart, the shaking of the hand, the bounce of the step, the earth moving below, the paper cut collaged filmed, the silence in the room outside the projector blinking rapidly. Using the Arab epic as more of a framework layer for the film than guide or inspiration, the work is divided into sequences bearing titles as signposts in the jungle like claw of the film, a controlled chaos always reflecting the artist's disciplined hand invisibly inside the images.

Dare I speak of film as poem? The titles of the film unwrap reveal and conceal, point in multiple somehow linked direction. It calls to mind Mr Puccio's favorite living poet, Matthew Klane, whose very short poems spin off the weight of the title. Watch this filmmaker weave a deluge of a particular, self-defined cut of image that moves through the screen in a heartbreaking pace, often too fast for the mind to process, the weight of the work finding a way to fill the deep eyes and mystify. His is a heart of hearts; Never a film of his you couldn't smell it on.

Three cheers for the Filmmaker, his heart, his hands.


Blogger House Press said...

Don't know if I expressed my gratitude to Scott for showing those 1000 or so Nights at Electric 2, but wanted to say congratuations, and think they are really great, as has been just about everything I've seen of his. Wonderful, wonderful work.


9:43 PM  
Blogger barrett said...

may i echo that? thank you signor SP. i was foaming from the mouth in the back row, but from rapture and beer, not the convulsions. soon enough NYNY'll get the picture. Again, congrats.

1:07 PM  
Blogger eric unger said...

I was bowled over by the piece at the Spectacular. It is good to know that this work has been recognized by the New York Film Festival. Congratulations Mr Puccio.

8:59 PM  
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Blogger Al Cohen said...

wow, thanks!

7:10 PM  

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