Saturday, July 07, 2007

rainbow-Grey ; graverubber

House Press has finally sacrificed to the future this crayon-man-made collection from the late winter & would be pleased to release it now:

Barrett Gordon’s "rainbow-Grey" —where rubbings from the street & domicile kiss on a paper noodle, & the nym “Dude” is brought back.

rubbings and text on paper, 8.5x14
3 double-sided pamphlet broadsides

Your copy is here, $5, paypal:

or, send a check to:
B. Gordon
1359 N. Maplewood Ave., 2F
Chicago, IL 60622

as well, we’ve made somewhat more vulnerable this precursor & cousin-piece to the above work:

"graverubber" —takes up the page as interface between living & dead / writer & writ. "rubber" gets the twist, hatting the page [over the grave to "catch" the rubbing] like a 'rubber' would...bringing questions like what in the "catch" remains to bear? light touch over heavy process; playful, creepy, good for the far-sighted; stone-crayon meditations, sweating off an odd, pseudo-necrophilic binge in the early parks.

grave rubbings on paper, 8.5x14
1 letter / 1 grave
4 chapters / cemetaries, 1 in Buffalo, 3 in Chicago.

Also available via check to the above address, or here, $7:


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