Monday, August 04, 2008

Open Night Review

A review of Lowinger's Open Night appears on Gelsinger's dusty old blog, here .

From the review:

. . . And, each line laid down in 2-4 feet without caesura: one short breath, which means it can be breathed HARD. Each next line lets you come back full-strength, full breath. There’s the insistence of strong emotion in the constantly renewed line. Nor do the longer, the four-foot lines, compromise the intensity; they force breath to trail off at the end, adding a different, sadder or more wistful emotion . . . .

. . . Open Night is the heart flag of one man. It seems meant to die with the poet. It’s got its place, its time. It’s not supposed to be mended and amended, not meant to be everlasting -- which is why it will last, for a while. It’s precisely the country walked, and the mystical interaction of that earth with its sky and the person walking it. . . .


Blogger Tawrin said...

His lines, his breath, are biblical.

2:06 AM  

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